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Ecomputer Zone is an independent journalist’s website from USA, North Carolina, Fayetteville, office is located at Builders Bargain Center. We are covering highlights and news just for patriots. some of our writers are military retired old age so they just do love to write about Donald Trump politics and make our country great once again.

The agenda of our website and struggle is to do hard work and bring the most latest update to our visitors. our website will be covering more latest updates like crimes by illegal, terrorism in united states as well controlling our school system. Let us know if you are interested in becoming one of our great writer for ECZ. 

Aprail Mathews is a chief publisher and marketing manager of ECZ’s Team. Aprail Mathews reported live from North Carolina during 2016 election. Previously she has covered the southern border illegal immigrants reporting service on our partners website like Fox News and Silly Con Valley.

Aprail is graduated from Arizona University, Acuna and began her career with NBC but few month ago we offered her a very good package for working for Ecompuer Zone and we were lucky that she accepted our offer.

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Jessica Smith currently serves as ECZ’s writer based in north carolina. She joined ECZ recently.  Jessica Smith is MS Specialist in Political Science and graduated from New York University and recently started her best writer career with ECZ. 


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Linda Smith currently serves as a ECZ’s reporter from north carolina. Linda Smith is one of the smart reporter in ECZ networking company. Linda Smith recently got her journalist degree from Colombia University.


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