‘Drunk’ Wendy Williams rushed to hospital after husband’s alleged mistress has baby

Crushed Wendy Williams is “not positively” subsequent to being hurried to the medical clinic — hours after her better half’s supposed escort conceived an offspring.

The anchor person was discovered tanked on Monday, not long after Page Six revealed that Sharina Hudson, the supposed long-term love of her better half Kevin Hunter, had conceived an offspring.

She was taken to the emergency clinic where she was given IV liquids — be that as it may, despite everything she appeared to the arrangement of her show and recorded on Tuesday.

The star had left the calm home in Queens where she has been staying, starting a chase for her before she was found.

In any case, she’s currently back at the office, we’re told.

It’s generally trusted that Hunter is the dad of Hudson’s child.

Also, a source stated: “Wendy isn’t positively, everybody is so worried for her. Interestingly, she’s been buckling down to remain calm and she’s been so legit in her battles with every one of her fans, and this simply spilled her the edge.

“In any case, the reality despite everything she went to the set just shows how solid she’s attempting to be.”

Williams is expected back on air for a long time to come, be that as it may, generation staff are taking things “each day by itself.”

We’re told it was Hunter who advised her to go to a calm home with complete outsiders.

A week ago, she uncovered she was living with “a group of rancid young men who have turned into my family” in a calm house.

Seeker’s supposed fancy woman is accepted to have conceived an offspring in Philadelphia.

The couple was sharing a home in New Jersey, before Hudson moved into a condo in New York.

The Daily Mail originally announced Williams was raced to the emergency clinic.

A rep for Williams couldn’t be gone after remark.

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  1. So did she give birth or was the baby only just conceived? Wendy walked in on them screwing??? Stupid girl keeps using the word conceived like she doesn’t know wtf it means!!

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