House Democrats reported departing on bus heading for meeting with Obama after Russia hoax falls apart

Well after the Democrat/Clinton made and financed Russia/Trump fabrication has gone to pieces after Mueller found no Trump/Russia proof, it’s presently being accounted for that some House Democrats have went on a transport ride for a gathering with Obama. On the off chance that any of these Democrats are in those 82,000 or more fixed prosecutions, this would be the ideal open door for the Trump DOJ/FBI to dispatch a strike. Anyway this advancement likely includes two things, and Democrats are likely endeavoring to make another account with this Obama meeting to evacuate Trump for the Oval Office…Or they are freezing in this gathering with Obama for when Trump plays his deck of cards like the arrival of the FISA declassification. One thing can make sure is that House Democrats are in real frenzy with being on a transport set out toward this gathering with Obama.

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