Obama Exposed: Obama Team Kept List Of Muslims For Top Jobs, Excluded Non-Muslims especially Christians Republicans

The most current group of John Podesta’s hacked messages discharged by Wikileaks demonstrates Obama’s progress group kept arrangements of Muslim and Asian contender for occupations in the organization.

As per an email chain from 2008, John Podesta got arrangements of only Muslims and Asians to be considered for occupations in the Obama organization. The email chain uncovered that in this procedure, Middle Eastern Christians were deliberately rejected, or put aside in a different rundown, with a helper composing,

In the possibility for top employments, I prohibited those with some Arab American foundation however who are not Muslim (e.g., George Mitchell). Numerous Lebanese Americans, for instance, are Christian. In the last rundown (of outside sheets/commissions), most who are recorded give off an impression of being Muslim American, then again, actually a bunch (where noted) might be Arab American yet of questionable religion (esp. Christian).

Additionally eminent, there was worry that a portion of the Muslims recommended would not endure media investigation, with one assistant composition, “Prominent Muslim Americans will in general be the subject of a considerable lot of blogger analysis, thus the people on this rundown would should be ESPECIALLY deliberately confirmed.”

She proceeds, “I speculate a portion of the general population I rundown would not endure such a vet — but rather I do by and by know, at any rate to some degree, practically the majority of the hopefuls in the first two classifications (yet I know not many of those recorded for outside sheets/commissions).”

Inside the rundowns themselves, hopefuls were additionally separated, with each competitor named by their nationality and some of the time race.

This pursues an example of the Obama Administration utilizing race and religion to decide enlisting, with other spilled messages appearing political deputies being named with a F for female, B for dark, H for Hispanic, and M for Muslim.

Another Wikileaks discharge demonstrated the Obama change group keeping broad arrangements of non-white contender for organization posts.

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