Obama Insults America On Foreign Soil And It Is Worse Than Ever

Previous President Obama never frustrates with regards to demonstrating his disgrace for the United States, the country that chosen him president multiple times.

As president he ventured to the far corners of the planet bowing to outside heads of state and saying ‘sorry’ for America’s enormity wherever he went.

Each time he showed up on outside soil he discovered some approach to state that whatever country he was in was superior to his home.

.@BarackObama: “Europe in 2019 here and there has accomplished the zenith of human prosperity.”

“Altogether in Europe right presently all things considered you likely observe the most astounding ways of life of any gathering of individuals ever of planet. Wealthier, more advantageous, better instructed.” pic.twitter.com/jDhNLDCmMn

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) April 6, 2019

In any case, a week ago, in Europe, as he gave a discourse to his kindred globalists, he disclosed to them that Europe was superior to The United States.

“Europe in 2019 here and there has accomplished the zenith of human prosperity,” he told the group who were cherishing it.

“All in all in Europe right presently by and large you likely observe the most elevated ways of life of any gathering of individuals ever of planet. Wealthier, more advantageous, better taught,” he said.

Wealthier, more advantageous and better taught? When you were president yes since you had the economy in the tank.

Is Obama a humiliation?

Be that as it may, since you have been gone and President Donald Trump began fixing your mix-ups the United States is head and shoulders above Europe.

An Europe attacked by outcasts assaulting and threatening their way over the landmass, revolts in France and London as the wounding capital of the world.

It is a landmass in which they go to jail on the off chance that they misgender somebody and that isn’t a misrepresentation it is a reality.

They get captured for saying words. https://t.co/3MNELq9yOK

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) April 7, 2019

No Free Speech

No Individual Rights

No Democracy

No Healthcare

third World Police State Tyrant @BarackObama ‘s Perfect World https://t.co/RIWMKOSpW4

— Liz Lisa (@Lisa9Liz) April 7, 2019

Furthermore, you’re moving when, @BarackObama https://t.co/wvv70izPHe

— Phineas Fahrquar (@irishspy) April 7, 2019

@tomselliott @Doranimated

I wonder if the #yellowvests #GiletsJaunes would concur with @BarackObama ? https://t.co/eSeMq49NXk

— Samantha Wojecki MD (@MdWojecki) April 8, 2019

Is Obama conceding he squandered 8 years and left the nation a wreck? Pssst. Obama. They aren’t wealthier and we pay for their National Security you numbskull. https://t.co/sosM7ZTURb

— Patty (@Patty28331467) April 7, 2019


What Planet would he say he is discussing?

Europe is Destroyed by Massive Islamic Invasion and unsustainable

Paris is consuming

🇫🇷 Yellow Vests

Common path against Macron selling out Citizens

Germany 🇩🇪 Merkel double-crossing Soverignty 4 terms to crush Nation with Islam ☪️ in Control https://t.co/2HvFu43Tfu

— ilola09 (@ilola09) April 7, 2019

You can likewise observe a higher possibility of being imprisoned for a considerable length of time since you may inadvertently utilize the wrong pronoun on somebody who may distinguish as a tampon. Shut up, Barry. https://t.co/HYzWZGcF0X

— Metal Levite Alex (@AlexsaurusZilla) April 7, 2019

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