WATCH: Rishabh Pant claims the catch of Virat Kohli despite taking it on the full

The ongoing season of the IPL has already witnessed a fair share of controversies, starting from Jos Buttler’s Mankading incident against Kings XI Punjab to several poor umpiring decisions which have cost several sides in the tournament so far. The sequence of controversies refuses to die as yet another interesting incident took place during the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals at the Feroz Shah Kotla on Sunday when Virat Kohli survived a pretty close call off the bowling of Ishant Sharma.

It all happened on the first ball of the fifth over of the match when Ishant Sharma bowled a fuller delivery outside the off stump inviting Kohli to go for the drive. Kohli was looking to dab it fine but could only manage a thick outside edge and Rishabh Pant took the catch sharply diving to his right. Pant threw the ball up in the air claiming that the catch was clean and Ishant Sharma and the other Delhi fielders started celebrating the dismissal. Kohli however refused to move and seemed to suggest that the ball had bounced on its way to the wicketkeeper’s gloves.

The umpires were convinced that the catch was clean but Kohli was adamant resulting in the decision being referred to the third umpire. Replays on the big screen showed clearly that the ball did bounce before Pant was able to collect it and the decision went in favour of the batsman who was pretty sure of what had happened even before the third umpire knew it. Ishant Sharma was not happy at all and neither was Iyer but Kohli was seen having a small chat with the keeper and even having sharing a fist bump after it had all happened.


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